lunedì 1 luglio 2013

Jussi Parikka @ Symposium: "Save as: Social Memory" @ SALT Galata, Istanbul, Turkey

One of the major concerns during the Gezi resistance was how to keep the memories of pain, grief, anger, gains and losses alive. There were attempts to preserve the experiences and present them in numerous media; however, critically approaching the growing archives or creating technologically-enhanced curated content was not possible, due to the lack of time and means. "Save as: Social Memory" symposium brings together three artists, a curator and an academic who work in the area of software art, archiving, and media archaeology. Cultural practices that use the language of technology and digital-born content from different perspectives of preservation and memory will be debated. Panelists will discuss the topics of archiving the present as we experience it, algorithmic curating in crisis, critical collective intelligence, and the language of technology as a thinking tool. Participants: Burak Arıkan, Joasia Krysia, Nicolas Malevé, Ali Miharbi, Jussi Parikka

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