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David Eden - Autonomy Capitalism, Class and Politics - Ashgate, Uk, September 2012

Autonomy: Capital, Class and Politics explores and critiques one of the most dynamic terrains of political theory, sometimes referred to as 'Autonomist Marxism' or post-Operaismo. This theory shot to prominence with the publication of Empire by Hardt and Negri and has been associated with cutting edge developments in political and cultural practice; yet there exists no work that critically examines it in its contemporary breadth.

Taking three divergent manifestations of Autonomist Marxism found in the works of Antonio Negri and Paolo Virno, the Midnight Notes Collective and John Holloway, David Eden examines how each approach questions the nature of class and contemporary capitalism and how they extrapolate politics. Not only is such juxtaposition both fruitful and unprecedented but Eden then constructs critiques of each approach and draws out deeper common concerns. 

Suggesting a novel rethinking of emancipatory praxis, this book provides a much needed insight into the current tensions and clashes within society and politics.

Contents: Introduction; The perspective of autonomy; Life put to work, the theory of Antonio Negri and Paulo Virno; Exodus and disobedience, the political practice of the republic of the multitude; Critique: value, fetishism, the commodity and politics; The new enclosures: the theory of the Midnight Notes collective; Jubilee, the political practice of the commons; A critique of the Midnight Notes collective; In the beginning is the scream; the theory of John Holloway; One no, many yeses: the political practice of anti-power; A critique of Holloway; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.

David Eden, Griffith University, Australia and The University of Queensland, Australia.

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