venerdì 14 dicembre 2012

The System isn't Broken It's Fixed! - Stamp @ The Nation

The System isn't Broken It's Fixed Stamp

At over $6 billion and counting, the 2012 election was the most expensive in US history. If you're like us and are angry about the assault of corporate dollars on our democracy, our StampStampede stamps are a perfect way to put your money where your mouth is. Created by the Movement Resource Group along with Ben Cohen (of Ben and Jerry's fame), these self-inking stamps are designed to mark bills with messages expressing your views about the critical importance of getting money out of politics. Just stamp, spend and spread the word. 

Pick from three succinct slogans: "The system isn't broken. It's fixed." "Not to be used for bribing politicians" and "Stamp money out of politics." For more on the campaign, visit

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