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John Armitage (ed.) - The Virilio Dictionary - Edinburgh University Press, May 2013

This is the first dictionary dedicated to the pioneering work of French art and technology critic Paul Virilio. In Virilio's writings, meanings and interpretations are often difficult and ambiguous. This dictionary guides you through his concepts with headwords including Accident, Body, Cinema, Deterritorialization and Eugenics. You can explore the very edge of Virilio's pioneering thought in cultural and social theory with the entries on Foreclosure, Grey Ecology, Polar Inertia and the Overexposed City. The Virilio Dictionary is vital for anyone wanting to keep up with Virilio's dynamic program for the study of postmodern culture. It covers of every major Virilian subject and idea and how each functions within his philosophy in all of his writing to date. It is clearly written and cross-referenced entries make it quick and easy for you to find what you're looking for and follow the threads of Virilio's thought.

Key Features

  • Over 100 entries cover every major Virilian subject and idea, showing how each functions within his philosophy in all of his writing to date
  • Clearly written and cross-referenced entries make it quick and easy for you to find what you’re looking for and follow the threads of Virilio’s thought

Full List of Entries


Accident • Accident of Art • Accident Museum • Accident of Science • Aesthetics of Disappearance • Architecture • Art • Art of the Motor


Baudrillard, Jean • Body • Bunker Archeology


Catastrophe • Chronopolitics • Church of Saint-Bernadette Du Banlay • Cinema • City • City of Panic • Claustropolis • Critical Space • Cybernetic, Cybernetics • Cyberspace


Decomposition • Deleuze, Gilles • Desert Screen • Deterritorialisation • Dromology • Dromoeconomics • Dromomania, Dromomaniacs • Dromoscopy • Dromosphere


Endo-Colonisation • Escape Velocity • Events • Eye Lust


Fast Feminism • Fear • Feminism • Foreclosure • Futurism


Globalisation • Great Accelerator • Grey Ecology • Ground Zero


Husserl, Edmund • Hypermodernism


Information Bomb


Kittler, Friedrich, A


Landscape of Events • Law of Proximity • Logistics of Perception


Mass Individualism • Media • Merleau-Ponty, Maurice • Military–Industrial Complex • Military Space • Modernity, Modernism • Movement, Mobility


Negative Horizon


Optics • Orbital Space • Original Accident • Overexposed City


Perception • Phenomenology • Picnolepsy • Pitiless Art • Place • Polar Inertia • Political Economy of Speed • Politics • Politics of the Very Worst • Postmodernity, Postmodernism • Propaganda of Progress • Pure War


Real Time • Resistance • Revolutionary, Revelationary


Sedentariness • Space-Time • Speed • Speed-Space • State • State of Emergency • Stereo-Reality • Stop-Eject • Strategy of the Beyond • Suicidal State


Technology • Tendency • Territory • Theory • Third Interval • Trajectory


Ultracity • Unknown Quantity • University of Disaster


Vision Machine • Virtual Reality


War • Writing


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