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MediaTropes: Vol 4, No 1 (2013): Deleuze / Foucault: A Neoliberal Diagram

MediaTropes Vol. 4,  No. 1 (2013) Download full issue on PDF
Table of Contents
Editorial Introduction:Neoliberal Diagrammatics and Digital Control
Matthew Tiessen, Greg Elmer
IPO 2.0: The Panopticon Goes Public
Greg Elmer
Resilience versus Resistance: Affectively Modulating Contemporary Diagrams of Social Resilience, Social Sustainability, and Social Innovation
Petra Hroch
Monetary Mediations and the Overcoding of Potential: Nietzsche, Deleuze & Guattari and How the Affective Diagrammatics of Debt Have Gone Global
Matthew Tiessen
Info Nymphos
Erika Biddle
A New Individuation: Deleuze’s Simondon Connection
Andrew Iliadis
Special Semiotic Characters: What is an Obstacle-Sign?
Gary Genosko
Tweets Speak: Indefinite Discipline in the Age of Twitter
Steven James May

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