mercoledì 20 novembre 2013

The Connection Machine, The Conversation and Clock DVA @ Marcus Be/U Tube

3D Model of the legendary Connection Machine, a computer system built 1983-1991 by "Thinking Machines". For the background sound I've taken a part of the audio track from "The Conversation" like Clock DVA did for "The Connection Machine" from the album "Buried Dreams" (and b-side of "The Hacker"), because without Clock DVA's track I would not have known anything about "The Connection Machine" or "The Conversation". "The Conversation" is a motion picture by Francis Ford Coppola starring Gene Hackman, Cindy Williams, Robert Duvall and Harrison Ford. It is a very exciting movie about illegal observations. The 3D Model was made with Adobe After Effects. Actually it is a 2D Program with some 3D features but this example gives an impression how far it goes.

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