sabato 20 settembre 2014

Obsolete Capitalist: The paradise of web-marketing. Structural political movements as semantic networks (Pt. XX - The Birth of Digital Populism)

The paradise of web-marketing. Structural political movements as semantic networks (Pt. XX)

Web-marketing is a functional tool for the meeting between Google and politics. As analysed above, Mr. Casaleggio considers political parties as outdated models close to extinction, just like vinyl records, newspapers or dinosaurs. Why shall we bother with the future of dinosaurs? According to Mr. Casaleggio, the future of political representation lies in political movements; in the cyber-manager’s view, these movements are clusters of accurate voters’ profiles, which can be used as beta-testers of the human condition; this process is meant exclusively for his desire to achieve political power. The 50,000 people group of MeetUp members and 5SM militants is called ‘La Rete’: this celebratory name indicates the decision-making machine for all current and future political decisions, which is nothing else but a type of webocracy. This Web-influenced choice was a consequence of the Parlamentarie - which took place sometime before the general elections of February 2013. and it had three specific objectives: 1) enacting a first form of electronic direct-democracy, 2) transforming the movement, or at least its core, into an self-determined semantic network and 3) monitoring the cluster analyses of the semantic network, as dictated by Casaleggio’s techware. This form of electronic surveillance is, in fact, determined by proprietary software that are developed, tested and managed by Casaleggio Associati; this despite the idea of a bottom-up open platform, which is often claimed to be the real 5SM model, as in the best Piratenpartei tradition. There is nothing better for a techno-evangelist working at the intersection of data science, social network and e-commerce than such an experiment of political marketing: it isolates a large group of voters within a well-defined cluster, while observing and testing them in the context of their actions for a relatively long period of time. Here hides the true Data Deluge. The paradise of web-marketing. (...) 

Painting: Stelios Faitakis

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