mercoledì 23 ottobre 2013

07.Nov.2013: VERNACULARS OF NEOLIBERALISM @ King's College, London


K2.31 (JKTL Nash Lecture Theatre): Strand Campus

Public Talk
07/11/2013 (18:00-20:30)

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Despite optimistic declarations to the contrary in the heady days of 2007-8, neoliberalism has survived the recent financial crisis. This event draws together speakers who look to difference social and cultural articulations of neoliberalism to explain it's hold. The incarnation of neoliberalism in different genres and vernaculars, the way that it speaks to, and produces, different subjectivities, will be the subject for this evening's debate. 

Speakers include: 
Jane Elliott, KCL
Ziad Elmarsafy, York
Paul Gilroy, KCL
Jeremy Gilbert, UEL
Followed by a reception. 
This event has been jointly organised by the Institute of North American Studies and the English Department. Read more @ KCL

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