lunedì 14 ottobre 2013

Visualizing Palestine: 800,000 Olive Trees Uprooted, 33 Central Parks By Polypod and Philippe Ghabayen @ The Guardian

Sources / See more @ The Guardian
800,000 olive trees uprooted. Oxfam, 2011. Olive Harvest Factsheet, p2 (PDF)
24,000 trees in Central Park. Central Park, 2013. Official Website, Frequently Asked Questions (accessed 31 May 2013)
$12.3million loss = 10% of potential peak year income from the 8 million remaining trees in West Bank and Gaza. UN OCHA, 2012. Olive Harvest Factsheet & UNDP, 2008. The Olive Harvest in the West Bank & Gaza Strip (PDFs)
80,000 families rely economically on olive harvest.UN OCHA, 2012. Olive Harvest Factsheet (PDF)

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