venerdì 10 novembre 2017

Obsolete Capitalism Sound System •• Chaos Sive Natura •• Pt. IX Dubmodic (Monodic Variation) •• Rizosfera/The Strong of the Future, SF011.eng, 2017

Obsolete Capitalism Sound System
Chaos Sive Natura
Dubmodic (Monodic Variation)

Another centre of forces that enter our sonic-ship leaves from a flourishing electronic laboratory of our times called Electric Tree. It is an abstract jazz unit which includes in its free style composition, electronic improvisation. Composed by Franco D'Andrea (piano), Andrea Ayassot (saxophone), Luca Roccatagliati (electronics), the trio is grounded on D'Andrea’s figure, a cultured sensitive musician with a huge intellectual curiosity. He has been an icon of European Jazz since his first experimentation with Perigeo in the 70’s, to reach a more personal and intense style in between free jazz, blues motifs and recalls of Monk's aphoristic phrasing. Ayassot is an imaginative saxophonist led by musical paths which cross European contemporary music, jazz and Indian ragas. Roccatagliati offers breakbeat experimentations that open to chaos forces, paving the way to abstract electronics, thanks to his peculiar rhythmic sensitivity, Latin and Jazz traces and a total dedication to Afro-futuristic bass culture. It is from Electric Tree laboratory that Obsolete Capitalism erratic lines set sail.

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