sabato 18 novembre 2017

Obsolete Capitalism Sound System •• Chaos Sive Natura •• Pt. XVII La Machine Informatique dub •• Rizosfera/The Strong of the Future, SF011.eng, 2017

Obsolete Capitalism Sound System
Chaos Sive Natura
La Machine Informatique dub

Similarly, even Nietzsche’s fragment The Strong of the Future, known as the “accelerationist fragment” so dear to accelerationists today, is «Rhythm», a rapid deafening change of milieu, or a fast scream to the homogenizing of the dwarfed species in industrial societies of any time. On such a Rhythmic edge, outlines a deep echo between the anti-mechanistic «process» of the revolutionary path, as expressed in Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus and the acephaly of Spinoza’ and Nietzsche’ s anti-deterministic «process».

Chaos sive Natura’s last definitive conceptual post is the Chaosmos event opposing the Cadence-Dogma, the eternal sacred «constraint» of the god of the rhythms.
A sonic passage - hopefully not worse than those preceding it - implying obscurity of sounds, abysmal intensity, sonic intermittences taken to the limit of the rhizosphere:
non-orientable accelerationism.

Chaos Sive Natura: “Dance” to Chaos Rhythm! “Is that what you want?”

Coda: Barrel-organ song and little Recurrence

“We can't stand it anymore', they shout, 'stop, stop this raven-black music! Are we not surrounded by bright mid-morning? And by soft ground and green grass, the kingdom of the dance? Was there ever a better hour for gaiety? Who will sing us a song, a morning song, so sunny, so light, so full-fledged that it does not chase away the crickets but instead invites them to join in the singing and dancing? And even plain, rustic bagpipes would be better than the mysterious sounds, such bog-cries, voices from the crypt, and marmot whistles with which you have so far regaled us in your wilderness, my Mr. Hermit and Musician of the Future! No! Not such sounds! Let us rather strike up more pleasant, more joyous tones!”

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