sabato 11 novembre 2017

Obsolete Capitalism Sound System •• Chaos Sive Natura •• Pt. X Zabriskie Point (Dancing Colors Variation) •• Rizosfera/The Strong of the Future, SF011.eng, 2017

Obsolete Capitalism Sound System
Chaos Sive Natura
Zabriskie Point (Dancing Colors Variation)
Whereas D'Andrea marks New Orleans as original fulcrum of jazz and meeting point of polyrhythmic sounds from central and western Africa with the harmonious Atlantic European experience, Obsolete Capitalism moves the focal point of the sound to an imaginative Jamaica, linking it to north-eastern African hypnotic acoustics, which suggest slow and deconstructed lines derived by dubbing practices of masters like King Tubby and Lee Scratch Perry. To the Atlantic Electric Tree, Obsolete Capitalism Sound System offers the electronic diasporic rhizome, thus molecularity of perpetual variations, dancing iridescent morphemes in electronic darkness. Deleuze writes:Meter is dogmatic, but rhythm is critical.” O.C.S.S. is a"rhythmic dance" in the Nietzschean way of incessant form, of timbre intensity, but its concept of the "rhythm" is Deleuzian.

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