venerdì 17 novembre 2017

Obsolete Capitalism Sound System •• Chaos Sive Natura •• Pt. XVI Irenica (Private Collection, RE) •• Rizosfera/The Strong of the Future, SF011.eng, 2017

Obsolete Capitalism Sound System
Chaos Sive Natura
Irenica (Private Collection, RE)

If, according to Deleuze, the «territory» “is not a milieu, not even an additional milieu”, but “an act that affects milieus and rhythms, that «territorializes» them” what OCSS experiments with Chaos sive Natura is the mobile creation of a sonic surface, a chaotic plane where the space of the sound-to-come is changeable, deformable in n-dimensions until the creation of a n-sphere, a rhizosphere. Nature, thus Chaos, as music. Among the possible thousand virtual ways of making a Refrain of a diverse thought work different, OCSS has chosen the Rhythm non-science, namely the non-orientable accelerationism, where the non-oriented acceleration of a sound no longer represents the rhythm that makes its velocity change - the derivative of velocity with regard to time - but the Rhythm which changes its milieu every time the sound «marks» the passage between a milieu and another, becoming in such a way the derivative of the milieu with regard to time. A topological rhythm, a new topology of sound which accompanies in a randomly «chaotic» way the raise of the mutation between analogical and digital, between sonic and timbric planes, between the «becoming sound» of the Rhythm and the «becoming rhythm» of the sound, among sonic objects, between melodic landscapes and rhythmic characters. In short a chaos-interval which “becomes rhythm, not inexorably, but […which] has [always] a chance to”.

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