mercoledì 15 novembre 2017

Obsolete Capitalism Sound System •• Chaos Sive Natura •• Pt. XIV Irenica (Private Collection, RE) •• Rizosfera/The Strong of the Future, SF011.eng, 2017

Obsolete Capitalism Sound System
Chaos Sive Natura
Irenica (Private Collection, RE)

(...) If the spatialization of the milieu as theorized in Deleuze is no longer uniform because it postulates the non existence of an absolute space, than we can subvert the Cartesian philosophical coordinates that have been ruling our western world since XVII century. Starting from 1837: Of the Refrain the project Chaos Sive Natura tries to elaborate a path of musical transcoding because “a code is not content to take or receive components that are coded differently, and instead takes or receives fragments of a different code as such.”  This happens for example in the first track entitled Bass Slight Swinging where the two bass-lines, reworked in Adrian Sherwood’s “rough” On U Sound style, mix with Klee’s slight swinging sails which lead the secret movement of the track, offering an oscillation between the sails and the bass in a precarious balance between Abstract and Figurative. The same «tres/passing» is present in D’Andrea Dancing Colors’ desert dub version, where the dancing colors of the desert turn into rhythms and spaces which intertwine with visual compositions of the most famous Italian colorist director, Michelangelo Antonioni in Zabriskie Point (1970). Particularly in the scene where the two protagonists, in a post-coitum suspension, are surrounded by the bright color of the improbable red cabins and by a shade of white-grey-pink colour of the alien mountains of the Death Valley, we discover Paul Klee’s indefinite gray point of his chaotic materic lines. To conclude the analysis of the rhythmic sequence-plane, we may consider the narrative development of La Machine Informatique dub where the fragment on the «computer machine» stated by Guattari in Vincennes (1975) about the impending algorithmic and computational reductionism of the data-economy, becomes a «sonic writing» thanks to (...)

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