martedì 25 marzo 2014

Tiziana Terranova: Virtual Money and the Currency of the Commons @ Moneylab, INC Amsterdam, 21st March 2014

Tiziana Terranova @ MONEYLAB Amsterdam 21st March 2014 from LETIZIA RUSTICHELLI on Vimeo.

Sincere thanks to Geert Lovink and his team for the amazing three days in Amsterdam @ Moneylab/INC. Official INC videos up soon. >> Tiziana Terranova (IT) Virtual Money and the Currency of the Commons Terranova addresses tensions, oppositions and possible convergences between post-autonomist analyses of the financial crisis to be found in the writings of post-autonomist authors such as Toni Negri, Christian Marazzi, Andrea Fumagalli, Maurizio Lazzarato and Carlo Vercellone (and their notion of a ‘currency of the common’) and the processes of creation of virtual currency. It reviews some of the points of tensions and the oppositions to a project such as Bitcoin (such as its extractivist model of money creation as mining and its faith in algorithms), but also some of the convergences in the drive to experiment with a constituent critique of financial capital. What kind of relation can be drawn between virtual money and the kind of currency which would support alternatives to neoliberal capital? How can social struggles and subjectivities be brought to bear on the process of money creation? If money is a social convention, now inflected by the powers of digital communication and computation, while the social is a relation, what could be the role of social network technologies in practical experimentation with virtual currency creation? >> Tiziana Terranova (IT) Tiziana Terranova is Associate Professor of Cultural Theory and New Media in the Department of Human and Social Sciences at the University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’ where she coordinates the PhD programme in Cultural and Postcolonial Studies. She is also currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths’ College, University of London. Terranova is the author of Network Culture: Politics for the Information Age.

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